Jun. 8th, 2011

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Ummm, a lot of things.

I remember when I was in 4th grade or so we were using fertilizer for a science project. A bunch of it got on my seat (it was little white flecks), and I couldn't get it off; I raised my hand and said "Ms. Boland, there are particles all over my seat."

Everyone thought it was hilarious, and a couple of kids started calling me "Particle Man" (which I didn't know then was a They Might Be Giants song).

Oh, I also cried on TV once when I was eliminated from a spelling bee. It was the regional round, so it was shown on one of the local TV networks during the day, and my class watched it at lunch. Hohohoho awkward.
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It was three in the morning, and he’d already listened through that stubbornly untitled playlist--actually titled PLAYLIST X--three times. It was the one that included lots of the sort of songs he’d never actually admit to owning, such as “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues, “An Innocent Man” by Billy Joel, and “Freedom” by Wham! (Not the one with all the supermodels and the black and white video—the one with the lyrics that went “I don’t want your freedom…etc., etc., etc.,...all I want right now is you.”)

Actually, he was tempted just to copy the lyrics to that song into the body of the email, and send them and nothing else. That would’ve solved a lot of his problems.

Saturday night in Federal Hill was always bright and noisy. He’d tried to get some work done, but it felt wrong being cloistered in his apartment when there were so many people walking under his window. On dates, a lot of them. People bonding in trying to figure out the crosswalks, men stepping on the impractical fringe of their girlfriends’ high heels. People who were at least attempting to make their intentions known to the objects of their desires, whether that intention was I like talking to you or Let’s stay married or I want to fuck you so hard we make the neighbors’ bed jump. He felt like a sap for thinking that much into it, but that was one of Arthur’s secrets—he often felt like a sap.

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