Jun. 13th, 2011

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The doorbell’s ring came too soon. He wasn’t ready.

Fucking impatient ass, he huffed, smoothing the black silk of the nightrobe across his thighs and straightening its lapels. He looked in the oval mirror. The forgery hadn’t taken yet again. He still looked like a human. He’d flashed his Order credentials at all the projections they saw; the ones with security clearances got the message that he was altered for an upcoming mission as a Lissepian rent boy on Devara III.

He’d already lived that mission, and chose the nightrobe because of it. It clung tautly to his deceptively boyish muscles, revealed the inviting tidepools of his collar and breastbones. It was, ironically, of a Terran-inspired design; Terran-style tailoring had come into vogue in the rebellious youth underground during the time of the border skirmishes and the Battle of Setlik III, and it still appealed to a certain kind of nostalgic aesthete, who liked imagining that he was debauching, or maybe punishing, a flinty-eyed young Federation sympathizer. The Cardassian bioreplicant pirate who purchased him had had rough hands and sour breath, and somehow Arthur had still felt gorgeous as the client ran his fingers beneath the robes’ collar and trailed it over the young man’s smooth shoulders and the curve of his lower back.

Not that it was really any use looking or feeling especially gorgeous if he couldn’t forge his old skin back on. He just looked like Arthur Hollander, human, in a black silk robe. Eames could always use his imagination based on the Cardassians he’d seen around him, but it wouldn’t be the same.

And now Eames was here. )
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He was getting quite familiar with his two personal guards by now. They had viselike grips on his arms as their somber little party walked through the almost-barren city streets, and he was learning how to synchronise his steps with theirs even though they were each at least a kilohand taller than he. He’d been getting tired of tripping because of their longer and more impatient strides.

The boss will explain everything. )


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