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This is something I wrote for Cherrybina's Fluff Meme.
Sadly, it's not all that fluffy.


Dead, Arthur thinks for approximately the thirty thousandth time in fifteen days.

Eames is dead.

Dissolved, at best. At worst

Worst is more than he can bear to think about at the moment. He’ll just stick with dissolved.

Arthur’s always been pragmatic. He knew getting involved with a blockade runner was risky business, that (based on calculations he’d done himself) Eames had roughly a 1 in 5 chance of getting caught by the Stellium forces. And the Stellium had, by official decree as of six months ago, stopped taking prisoners.

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Title: Erasure
Summary: No one really talks about it much, but forgers tend to burn out young. When Eames loses his skill, he has to examine his past, re-evaluate his identity, and figure out what to do with the rest of his life. (The fact that he's slowly falling for a former coworker complicates matters somewhat.)
Notes: Originally written for ae-match.

Arthur is the last person he wants to see reflected behind him in the mirror right now. )
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Title: Battaglia Con Brio Parts 1-3
Author: metacheese; art by [ profile] yjudaes in the first part
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,000 for both parts; entire work will be ~40,000
Pairings or Characters: Arthur/Eames, brief Arthur/Robert, Eames/Robert, Ariadne/Yusuf
Kinks: voyeurism, explicit sex
Warnings: prostitution, physical trauma, angst (eventual happy ending)
Summary: Eames is a brilliant, irreverent musical prodigy, and Arthur is jealous. But he's not very good at the whole sabotage thing...and love might have something to do with it. A riff on the Milos Forman film/Peter Shaffer play Amadeus, but much of the time the plot diverges quite wildly.
Author's Note: Written for ae_match. Beta'ed by the virtuosic [ profile] eternalsojourn. The title is Italian: battaglia is a musical term for a piece meant to evoke a battle; con brio means "with spirit".

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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When Arthur came back from the bathroom something was very wrong.

His coat was still on the back of his chair, his backpack was on the floor, and his Star Wars pencil case and lunchbox were still on the desk. But his Trapper Keeper was gone.

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