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IDK if anyone else thinks this would even be a remotely good idea, but here goes:

Sometimes I find it inspiring to try to engage with a trope that, for whatever reason, turns me off, or something otherwise popular that I am kind of lukewarm about. It forces me to think—do I not like this trope because I haven’t considered all of the possibilities? Is there something about the way I’ve seen it handled that just doesn’t ping my interest? Am I not giving it a fair chance? Can I play with it/subvert it?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with disliking tropes, just like there’s nothing wrong with liking them. I don’t think everyone has to give everything a chance. But I am wondering how many people out there find the idea of a meme dedicated to grappling with ideas you hate/dislike/are ambivalent about/just think “WTF is the big deal???” in any way stimulating. You would simply pick one (or more) tropes and write, draw, or—basically just do something with it.

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Well, being part of Team Angst has given me a ton of new ideas for fics I want to write. Which is obviously part good, and part bad.
If anyone has any suggestiosn for which of these they'd MOST like to read, holler. Or if you want to say "Girl, Idea X is ridiculous, don't you ever, ever write that," I can deal with that too.

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