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This is something I wrote for Cherrybina's Fluff Meme.
Sadly, it's not all that fluffy.


Dead, Arthur thinks for approximately the thirty thousandth time in fifteen days.

Eames is dead.

Dissolved, at best. At worst

Worst is more than he can bear to think about at the moment. He’ll just stick with dissolved.

Arthur’s always been pragmatic. He knew getting involved with a blockade runner was risky business, that (based on calculations he’d done himself) Eames had roughly a 1 in 5 chance of getting caught by the Stellium forces. And the Stellium had, by official decree as of six months ago, stopped taking prisoners.

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Summary: A torturer falls in love with his victim.
Warnings: torture, pain, violence, discussions of character death. But things may not be what they seem.

The room detected life. It lit up, a retina-bleaching cube of neon ultrawhiteness, and the light’s revealing was so thick and so extreme it felt like another form of covering. )
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 Here is a little something I made up which may or may not be helpful to anyone. It’s inspired by Patricia C. Wrede’s worldbuilding checklist, but this one's it’s for creating mythical animals.

Very much a work in progress; feedback is appreciated!

Build a creature. )


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