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So help me God, I have another idea for a Deep Space Nine/Inception crossover fic.

I felt like I should write at least something exclusively for one or the other of the fandoms before I do anymore xovers, and I probably will. But I think it would be kind of awesome to do a reworking of "In The Pale Moonlight" where instead of forging a datarod and having a Romulan vessel blow up, Garak and Sisko could arrange to have inception performed on one or more of the Romulan senators to force them to declare war on the Dominion. It could be serious or totally ridiculous, or (more likely) some combination of both.

The team could work on DS9 for the week or however long it takes to plan and execute. Sisko and/or Garak could be "tourists", Sisko and Cobb could bond over dead wife pain, Ariadne could be Bashir's flame of the week, Worf could teach Arthur to use a bat'leth, Dax and Yusuf could flirt and talk sciencey things, Arthur and Bashir could start off being jealous of each other and end up being buddies and playing in the holodeck together, and Odo could get jealous of Major Kira's crush on Cobb and/or Eames. It's so sad that I've been trying to decide for over a minute which one is more her type. I'm leaning towards Cobb. She prefers more serious, intense men, and she probably needs someone with some understanding of trauma and loss.  

Ariadne/Bashir would also be adorable.

And that Romulan senator could still shout "IT'S A FAAAAKE!"

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