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There was a thing called a Desk Cube from Flax Art & Design--I can't find a picture of it ANYWHERE, but it was this little, well, plastic cube that had tape, scissors, an eraser, a pen, paper clips and some other stuff, all fitted in together. It was probably incredibly useless and flimsy but I wanted it SO BADLY, and I asked for it for Hanukkah and my birthday like literally four years in a row, from probably ages seven to eleven, and I never got it. I found an old wish list with "I WANT THE DESK CUBE" written in like five different colors of milky pen and a bunch of arrows around it. My mother still likes to make fun of me for it. I have no idea why I loved the damn thing so much. Maybe it's like Lemarchand's box from "Hellraiser" :o

One day, though, I'm going to find one, and I am going to bring it everywhere. 
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A peregrine falcon. Because awesome. 
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Ummm, a lot of things.

I remember when I was in 4th grade or so we were using fertilizer for a science project. A bunch of it got on my seat (it was little white flecks), and I couldn't get it off; I raised my hand and said "Ms. Boland, there are particles all over my seat."

Everyone thought it was hilarious, and a couple of kids started calling me "Particle Man" (which I didn't know then was a They Might Be Giants song).

Oh, I also cried on TV once when I was eliminated from a spelling bee. It was the regional round, so it was shown on one of the local TV networks during the day, and my class watched it at lunch. Hohohoho awkward.
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Jadzia Dax. She's got seven lifetimes of experience, she got to command the Defiant, and she can hold her own in fights (physical and verbal) against Klingons. She was just so awesome in "Soldiers of the Empire". 


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